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The Glide 2990 is a sailboard developed by SAB Ltd.
Glide 2990 board hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails shall only be manufactured by SAB Ltd or they’re Licensed manufacturers, unless permitted by these class rules. Such equipment is required to comply with the Glide 2990 construction manual and is subject to World Sailing approved manufacturing control system.
A hull, a hull appendage, a rig or a sail may, after having left the licensed manufacturer, only be altered to the extent permitted in Section C of these class rules.
Owners and crews should be aware that compliance with rules in Section C is not checked as part of the factory based fundamental measurement process.
Rules regulating the use of equipment during a race are contained in Section C of these class rules, in the Equipment Rules of Sailing Part I and in the Racing Rules of Sailing.
The Glide 2990 hull & is a strict closed One-Design. The Class rules for the rigs & appendages are restricted to a strict set of class rules according to section C.
Where it is not specifically mentioned to allow a change or addition, it is illegal.
The Glide 2990 Class is based on finding the most skilful sailor, and discourages those trying to find a way around the rules to give an advantage.
To help sailors to afford an easier financial entry into the class, from now until Jan 1 2020, all rigs may be from any manufacturer but must comply with the same size restrictions. After 2020, the 5.9, 7.8 & 8.5 rigs used for racing shall be produced by Glide Licensed manufacturers & will be a Strict One Design.
These Class Rules promote the standard equipment as supplied by SAB Ltd & Licensed manufacturers and any of the limited permitted variations & changes to the equipment are designed to ensure longevity and increase the enjoyment of sailing the board.

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