The Glide 2990 is suitable for all levels and the general public.

The Glide concept provides a complete pathway from junior to senior racing or for recreational use. Its dimensions & shape make it a very stable, "easy to paddle straight" SUP.  Not many water craft are this versatile.
The Glide 2990 hull dimensions are for Learn to windsurf. Just under 3 meters, 85 cm wide with reasonably parallel rails for up wind sailing & a big volume of 276 litres for heavy sailors.
The hull shape details & components are designed to be user friendly for Learn to Race & can be up graded with different components for High Performance Racing for Olympic & World Games with charter equipment.
The mast track, centre board, fin system, foot straps & compete rig are all specifically designed for the Glide 2990.  The Hull, Rig & components are very well tested, functional, durable & easy to change or repair.
It is easy to surf waves, early & fast to plain down wind or on the fin up wind and sails very well on the centre board with the box shaped rails helping it to point high & keeping the feet & foot straps clear of the water.
It tacks & gibes easily. In all our testing, the Glide has had better performance than current Olympic Windsurfing Equipment & in many aspects better than past Olympic Equipment.
In high performance race mode, with the one Hull, Rig, Fin & Centre board it sails efficiently & easily from 1 to 30 knots without changing any of the components. Windsurf exploring up rivers, around lakes & Islands or in rough open ocean are possible on one hull & rig. Grand parents & parents can sail on the same hull as 7 year olds or Olympic Champions.
It is suitable to sail from a large range of locations for multiple formats without support boat assistance.

Bruce Kendall - Glide 2990 Windsurfing Board



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