HULL SHAPE - The Learn to Windsurf / Learn to Race dimensions were the "box" we started with & from that we designed the fastest shape possible, that is easy to use.

The Glide shape is a culmination of shapes we tested from many successful race board & slalom hull shapes over many years. We made many prototypes & tested them against the best similar concept boards we could find. The result is the Glide.
A common comment is "it looks just like a ......" or "it can't be as fast as a....." Until you know some one who has tested it or tested it your self & understood why & how it works you, wont be well qualified to make judgement.


We invite you to go for a sail & see for your self.
• Length 2990cm – suitable for sailing up wind on fin, controlled jumping & air line transport
• Width 85 cm – narrow enough for early railing but wide enough for early plaining & sailing up wind on fin .
• Thickness 18 cm – to be easy for sailing on the rail & lift the foot straps & feet out of the water & reducing drag. Also good for heavy sailors.

     MAST TRACK   
Dagger Board Stomp Pad System
Dagger Board Lip System

  • Plan Shape Maximising parallel rails
  • Wide deck at tail to give leverage against fin, which is good for up wind sailing on fin.

  • Cut outs at tail to reduce wetted surface & drag for higher top speeds & give better control & easier to gybe.

  • Tapered tail plan shape, to help gybing & up wind performance on dagger board or fin.

  • Minimal nose rocker for better rough water control and smoother transition to plaining with gradual change to a straight vee exit in the tail for better top end speed & control.

  • Sharp Box rails from front of mast track to tail.
    These help with pointing high & directional stability when sailing up wind on the fin or dagger board & reduces reliance on the fin for pointing high when sailing up wind.

  • Soft rails forwards reduce drag, help with control & wave piercing.

  • Straight Vee with reducing concaves.
    Vee for smooth ride when sailing flat and easier to sail on heel and generate lift from foils & concaves. Parallel vee to give a faster top end speed, better rough water control & prevents the nose from flying up.
    Concaves deeper forwards & flattening towards the back, generate lift, promote early plaining & improve top end speed.

  • Slight dome deck to add stiffness.



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