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Design Overview – being a one design race sail, the sails must perform well in a large wind range from 3 – 30knots of wind. Designed to be used with generic and Glide specialized downhaul and outhaul systems. Sails can be easily trimmed to suit the changing wind and sailing conditions during racing.

A light weight durable X Ply material is used in the top half of the sail while the foot area uses a more durable, heavier X Ply for maximum durability.
All sails are provided with additional reinforcement Mylar to be stuck to the windows in the boom area as required.

Bat Cam Tensioners -
The Glide race sails feature the proven Bat Cam Batten Tensioning system. This system to date is the only system that allows the user to adjust and see the tension of battens without the use of tools.

Smart Cams -
Each One Design Race Sail size has three Smart Cams which have proven durability & and do not deform with use.
The internal Velcro strap is a system developed to prevent cams from jumping off under low rig tension.
Glide also use stainless batten ends for the batten- cam interface - This has proven to provide the greatest support to the batten in this high stress area. Broken batten tips become a thing of the past. The Stainless batten end has a very practical spacer system to add or remove luff pocket tension & sail shape.
The One Design sails come in 3 sizes -
5.9m, 7.8m, 8.5m

B00T4433 sail 8.5m crop Single.png
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