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Race Harness / Harness Lines / Race Uphaul

Adjust Out Haul / Adjust Down Haul

Board Bags (STD / Wheels)

Being involved in racing for decades, we identify the importance of having highly functional, problem-free rig accessories. For this reason we feel a duty to offer the most functional (sometimes simple) accessories.

Harness Lines -
Glide offers MONO and STD race harness lines. Featuring quality polyurethane tube and Clam cleat, this is all you need.
- Adjustable Downhaul
Developed through experience, this system has been specifically developed for the Glide Regatta sails.
- Adjustable Outhaul
As with the downhaul system, the outhaul system has been refined and is complete with adjustable elastic tension line.
- Up-haul / Hiking Rope
The traditional up-haul rope has been replaced with a lighter weight retractable hiking line. Glide offer a Learn to Race and Full Race version.
- Race Harness
A simple solution to an important accessory – The Glide race harness has been developed using attributes of several existing harnesses & bars..
Harness Hook Alloy & Harness Hook Carbon


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