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The Glide 2990 is suitable for all levels and the general public.

The Glide concept provides a complete pathway from junior to senior racing or for recreational use.
The Glide 2990 hull dimensions are for Learn to windsurf. Just under 3 meters, 85 cm wide with reasonably parallel rails for up wind sailing & a big volume of 276 litres for heavy sailors.
The hull shape details & components are designed to be user friendly for Learn to Race & can be up graded with different components for High Performance Racing for Olympic & World Games with charter equipment.
The mast track, centre board, fin system, foot straps & compete rig are all specifically designed for the Glide 2990.  The Hull, Rig & components are very well tested, functional, durable & easy to change or repair.
It is easy to surf waves, early & fast to plain down wind or on the fin up wind and sails very well on the centre board with the box shaped rails helping it to point high & keeping the feet & foot straps clear of the water.
It tacks & gibes easily. In all our testing, the Glide has had better performance than current Olympic Windsurfing Equipment & in many aspects better than past Olympic Equipment.
In high performance race mode, with the one Hull, Rig, Fin & Centre board it sails efficiently & easily from 1 to 30 knots without changing any of the components. Windsurf exploring up rivers, around lakes & Islands or in rough open ocean are possible on one hull & rig. Grand parents & parents can sail on the same hull as 7 year olds or Olympic Champions.
It is suitable to sail from a large range of locations for multiple formats without support boat assistance.

Bruce Kendall

Glide 2990 Designer

Bruce started sailing at age 7 and racing by age 12 . In 1979 Bruce became the first to windsurf from Auckland to Tauranga return at age 15. Then in 1981 first to boardsail from Kawau to Auckland, the same year coming First in the Rangitoto Ironman challenge at age 17. Three years and over 60 various regattas later he gained 3rd place in Los Angeles Olympic games to obtain a Bronze medal for New Zealand. In 1988 at age 24 Bruce became New Zealands’ first sailor to become a double Olympic medalist easily taking a Gold Medal in Korean Olympic Games, inspiring a line of successful windsurfers in New Zealand, Barbara Kendall, Aaron Mckintosh and Tom Ashley. In the Barcelona Olympic Games he was a finalist coming in 4th after his fin broke during the final leg, but successfully petitioned for a rule change for future sailors in the same predicament. In all Bruce has attended six Olympics Games and has been involved in eight Olympic games as coach, advisor or sailor.

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