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Kendall designed Glide bids for 2024 Olympic windsurfer spot

The Bruce Kendall designed Glide has been submitted to World Sailing in response to their request for new equipment for the Windsurfer events for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The version tendered is the standard Glide Board with an 8.5 meter sail, 80% carbon mast, 100% carbon boom, 60 cm fin and a 68 cm centre board.

The Glide 2990 hull dimensions are just under 3 meters, 85 cm wide with reasonably parallel rails for up wind sailing and a big volume of 276 litres for heavy sailors.

Kendall claims that in testing, the Glide has had better performance than current Olympic Windsurfing Equipment and in many aspects better than past Olympic Equipment.

In response to the question of a foiling board for the Games, Kendall said:

“Foiling is a big financial step up from the RSX. Much lighter equipment – more carbon, more fragile, more cost. I think foil racing will go the same way as formula. Bigger rigs, bigger loads and bigger people. Increases in equipment costs precludes developing nations.”

“We believe the Olympic Sailing Event is supposed to follow the Olympic Charter and be about equal opportunity without predjudice and provide developing nations and self funded sailors the chance to compete on equal terms. Most of Asia support this position.”

Bruce Kendall is a two-time Olympic medallist, winning bronze in 1984 in Los Angeles and gold at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

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